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Unfortunately, the history of CTV has been lost in a number of violent shifts in power. Now known as Clemson Television, CTV was originally named CCN or Clemson Cable Network, and is believed to have been established in 1994, in what was then the YMCA building (what the kids today call Holzendorf Hall) by Brian Richardson and a few other WSBF members. At the height of its popularity, CCN produced all variety of shows, from entertainment, news, music and even a game show or two. CCN even showed the latest movies just out of theaters. Growing near to its peak in years following the new millennium, CCN met its unfortunate downfall in the 2005-06 academic calendar year with the graduation of its technical personnel in charge of maintaining broadcast operations. During this lonesome and terrifying year, not much is know about what happened at CCN and is recorded as the static or “fuzz” ages. Among many, this is considered as the time when CCN “died.”

Following this dark time, a new class of leaders began to rise. In just a few short months a replacement broadcast system was created, and shows began to be produced. CCN may have been dead, but CTV was reborn of its ashes, starting a new era in Clemson University student television. Tiks (Skit backwards) was the hit show of the year, with favorite segments such as “Thought Crime” and “Conversations with Inanimate Objects.” Tiks can still be seen on occasion, living on in reruns for as long as it still seems funny. Other programs obtained loyal, but limited fans with titles such as Bang the Game, Cloves, and the Matt show. Efforts were also made to produce a sports high lites show, yet none could match up to what Tiks had created, and many were canceled before they ever made it to air. To fill time, management was forced to air old public domain movies over and over again, rarely changing the movie or the time at which it was played.

All of this brings us to the current day, in which CTV is still recovering from those sad, sad times when nothing was broadcast over the wires. But new things are about to happen. With substantial assistance from Clemson’s Residence Hall Association, CTV has begun to air Hollywood movies again, the staple of college procrastination. It has become CTV’s secret goal to offer such great content that fellow students, particularly in the same courses of CTV’s members, will be unable to take their eyes off the channel, and assist in giving members an edge on the competition. (CTV members go through an intensive television avoidance course at their acceptance into the organization which allows them to resist the powers of the “tube.”) With the help of fellow organizations, local businesses, and the generosity of its main, academically associated funding organization, CTV hopes to raise itself to its former state of glory.

Please note that this history of Clemson Television is a dramatization. Although based on actual events, this history is in no way accurate or representative of the real world. Please enjoy it as part of CTV’s fun-loving nature.